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Top Reggae Vinyl Reissues of 2012 via EVR

EVR's Queen Majesty (of Jamaica Rock) Selects the Top Reggae Vinyl Reissues of the Year

Thu, 13 Dec 2012 12:55:26

Queen Majesty brings you the best reggae sounds, 45's or otherwise, every Thursday at 2pm ET on Jamaica Rock. She is the expert on Jamaican classics and rarities from her expansive vinyl collection, spinning you choons that span over five decades. Being that her arsenal is so deep, there's always a great number of reissues outed in any given calendar year. 2012 is no dfferent, so below, you'll find Queen Majesty's Top Reggae Vinyl Reissues of the Year.

1.  Mighty Rulers Chat Yu Mouth
An amazing tune with an amazing story behind it. This tune first came out in the mid 80s with only about 100 pressings. Over the years it had been forgotten but serious collectors began looking for this a few years ago, mostly when they heard Scratch Famous play it on East Village Radio. The Mighty Rulers themselves called up Deadly Dragon asking if they had a copy and in working with them were able to repress this piece of history this year. In addition to this our good friend Aaron Juarros of Big Toe's Hi Fi designed a lovely silk-screened 45 sleeve for the limited edition release.

2. Courtney Melody - Cook Food
A deep digital tune with haunting vocals. Remastered from Prince Jazzbo's Ujama label, made into 500 limited 45s and re-issued exclusively through Deadly Dragon Sound in the beginning of 2012. Before this reissue, I had only ever heard this song on a bootleg cassette tape from Brooklyn.

3. Errol T Reggae Music
Big and obscure digital tune reissued this year by Delroy Francis of Park Heights alongside Deadly Dragon Sound. Besides it being a tough 45 about reggae, I also love that it's a take on Bill Wither's "Just The Two Of Us". As an aside, you can often catch the big man Mr. Francis in the dance on Thursdays at Happy Ending. Nuff respect.

4. Al Campbell - Down The Drain
This deep roots tune was originally produced and sung by Al Campbell on the Reggae Road label and released in the 1970's. Fast forward to 2012 and the French distribution label Only Roots has lovingly reissued it in big booming glory on 12" vinyl. 

5. Ken Boothe - Sweet Song For My Baby
One of my favorite Ken Boothe songs and also one of my favorite Phil Pratt productions. I had only been able to get my hands on this tune via the beautifully wicked compilation "Safe Travel with Phil Pratt & Friends "66-"68" put out by Pressure Sounds UK in 2005, and I'm very happy they decided to now put this gem out by itself on 45.


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Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from December 6th through Dec 16th join us in Secret Project Robot's backyard transformed into magic holiday village for gifts, drinks, food, music and fun!!

Parties and performances every night (Thurs-Sun) in the gallery
alongside the holiday village 7pm-12am.

I will be there in a booth selling some goods and records, stop by!

Secret Project Robot
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